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Posted by Bíró Koppány Ajtony

Today we had a successful discussion on the CEIV workshop, organized by Budapest Airport, as part of the Aviation Working Group Work of the Hungarian Freight Forwarder Association. Presentations attached fyki.

·         I introduced the cargo development directions we plan at BUD Cargo. After the operational start of BUD Cargo City in January 2020 and its Forwarder Building in the end of February 2020 we would like to continue the cargo development work with the digitisation of the cargo environment, with the implementation of IATA CEIV Pharma (and later other certification like live animals etc. can be considered) with the improvement of perishable and live animal set up at BUD, and with the fine tuning of regulatory environment and practises.

This meeting focused on CEIV Pharma.

·         Sergiu Sarasan introduced the CEIV Pharma system advantages and the implementation process. In very short: it helps to decrease the damages and the handling deviations of pharma shipments during the transportation and provides a trackable, quality assured pharma transportation in safe environment around the world. It saves costs and energy for the stakeholders and provides transparency and reliability in air logistic chain of the pharma products.

·         Taner Sari, MD of Celebi Ground Handling Hungary expressed his strong interest in CEIV implementation in Hungary, what we highly appreciate from BUD Cargo side.


Next steps:

·         We are considering a community approach implementation, which is cheaper for the stakeholders than the individual approach. As a project timeline we would like to start implementation asap, and finish latest by Q3 2020.

·         Companies should confirm their starting interest in CEIV implementation by 24th January to BUD Cargo (József Kossuth). If they can make a commitment it is welcomed, but if there is an openness only without commitment at the current stage, no problem, they are also welcomed to participate on the project. Your further questions can be also addressed to me.

·         We try to shortlist the clients for the community approach implementation asap, the target date is 31 January 2020. If you need more time to decide, please also let us know in your feedbacks.

·         If we have the shortlist, with the support of IATA the implementation will start.


Thank you for your co-operation. Lots of shipments to everybody in 2020!

Best regards,

Kossuth József

Head of Cargo

Budapest Airport Zrt.

1185 Budapest, BUD Nemzetközi Repülőtér / BUD International Airport

E-mail: jozsef.kossuth@bud.hu I T: +36 1 296 6264 I M: +36 30 336 9138


BUD Cargo development overview – 16 January 2020 CEIV

CEIV Pharma-SergiuSarasan-Budapest 16jan2020

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